Nosotras, in nature and soul. As a union in which ancestral talent is honored and the men who carry it around the world are thanked. A present story. Two ways of seeing life differently.

We, the hands that weave each backpack and the bodies that complement each other. 'Us', our most intimate collection. That unites tradition with luxury and modern trends. A declaration of our smell, of our name, because Waya is the translation of "us" in the native language of the Wayuu culture.

A path that we travel to narrate the contrast of two women, but that, nevertheless, we affirm that they are the same: authentic.

We present part of our team, part of US, our leaders:

María is one of our wisest artisans, who is part of NOSTRAS. She is the one who helps us discover every belief and tradition in her beautiful culture. We also discovered the backpack treasure that she represents.

Ana is one of our main leaders, who is part of NOSOTRAS. We wanted her to represent a backpack, which literally shines with its own light.

Catira is one of our happiest artisans, who is part of NOSOTRAS. The backpack she represents is made with the same magic as Catira.
Eleinis is one of our most versatile artisans who is part of NOSOTRAS. She can make pieces with different techniques. The backpack inspired by her has this same versatility; It is made with mawisa palm from La Guajira, Colombia; silk threads, and manual work of our artisans.
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