Weaving two worlds ...

"Each piece, a portal of connection that manages to take desert women around the world who will never physically leave it, but who are linked to its threads, and awaken that ancestrality that inhabits modern women and that reunites them with the Earth"

“We grow, like trees, inside the footprint of our ancestors. We live, like spiders, in the tissue of the mother's corner. We always love on the shores of thirst. We dream there, between Kashii and Ka’i in the realms of the spirits. We die as if we are still alive. "

Vito Apüshana


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Black Zebra Mochila

Our backpack in collaboration with Jenny López, “Black zebra backpack”, is a special backpack, made with silk threads, in the shape of a zebra. This is capable of bringing out our wild and chic side. Black zebra Backpack, has the elegance and luxury of Waya Bags, as well as Jenny's BOLD touch.


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A journey full of life

My father used to tell me that his father, my grandfather, had that great connection with our Wayuu indigenous people, a connection that was not ea...

Blog posts

Nosotras Collection

Nosotras, in nature and soul. As a union in which ancestral talent is honored and the men who carry it around the world are thanked. A present stor...

Meeting of two worlds ...

Weaving is, for desert women, the writing of their history; and for us, the invisible thread that reconnects us with the ancestry that we are.

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