My father used to tell me that his father, my grandfather, had that great connection with our Wayuu indigenous people, a connection that was not easy to achieve, that required time, more than a normal relationship; it was a matter of vibes, of fitting into his world, of understanding him, of valuing him, of honoring him. Today I ask myself, could it be that these stories have revived in me? Could it be that my grandfather, who is not here today, carved this path for me?


The truth is that there is more and more connection, affinity, a feeling of familiarity and a sensitivity on my part towards them; and that today I dare to say is mutual. If I moved to the first trip I made to a ranchería, already with the vision of creating a brand (because before I was just a loyal customer, who used to admire them and praise their work, during the vacations that I spent at my grandmother's house); women with beautiful blankets come to mind, each one lying in her hammock, with a peace in her gaze (which I understood to come from the peace that her environment emanated), also each one with her needle in hand; But they also had a look that told me "we don't open ourselves to anyone who comes this way." This caused me a bit of fear at first, it was quite a risk and at the same time an adventure to want to enter and be part of a culture in a certain way that I realized was totally alien to my world. It was there, when then I took a firm stance, and decided against all odds, to take risks, to accept the challenge of becoming his ally and friend; to unite my world and theirs, intertwine it, give them the most beautiful of mine and receive the beautiful and precious of these women.


I make a parenthesis to contextualize them, I must explain a little my roots, which I plan to do in detail in a next sitting to write. For now, suffice it to tell you that these, my roots, are properly Guajiras, my parents were born in this beautiful place in Colombia, my ancestors too. With this you will understand a little from the story of my grandfather, to what I will tell you.



Today I say, that purpose he was talking about, to reach this community just to create a brand, disappeared. When I realized that they really impregnated so many positive things in me, in my life, in the way I see it, feel it, live it. That's right, I embarked on a journey that enveloped me, I am passionate about it and continues to do so, which allows me to discover them and rediscover myself more and more day by day, to the point where I think that my life purpose is clearly that: To achieve union of two worlds through this journey. A trip that I want to start telling you here, a trip that does not end, a trip that I hope will make you transport in one way or another, to feel and know an incredibly wonderful way of life and carry it around the world through a backpack or a WAYA piece .


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